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Saturday, June 10, 2006

MSBuild Sidekick

MSBuild Sidekick is a GUI application for creating and editing build project files for Microsoft Build engine. The application provides full-fledged graphic user interface as alternative to editing build project files by hand. The full range of MSBuild schema elements is supported.

MSBuild Sidekick features:

  • Load and modify any file complying to MSBuild schema
  • View build project structure in a tree view that displays tasks used in build, property groups and properties, item groups and items, targets and targets tasks and imported build projects.
  • Show or hide presentation of imported definitions in a project tree view
  • View MSBuild project raw XML source as you modify the project
  • Modify project default targets
  • Add or remove tasks used in build project from external assembly
  • Add, remove or modify property groups
  • Add, remove or modify properties in property groups
  • Add, remove or modify item groups
  • Add, remove or modify items in item groups
  • Add, remove or modify targets
  • Add, remove or modify selected target's tasks, tasks order
  • Modify selected task properties (including output properties specification)
  • Import or remove external build projects
  • Open any imported project from the loaded project

Download MSBuild Sidekick

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