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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Rhino Mocks 3.0 is available for download

A dynamic mock object framework for the .Net platform. It's purpose is to ease testing by allowing the developer to create mock implementations of custom objects and verify the interactions using unit testing.

Rhino.Mocks is an attempt to create easier way to build and use mock objects and allow better refactoring support from the current tools. It's a hybrid approach between the pure Record/Replay of EasyMock.Net's model and NMock's expectation based model. Rhino.Mocks originated from EasyMock.Net and attempt to improve on their model to create easy to use and power mocking framework. It's free for use and modification for open source and commercial software.

Licensing: Rhino Mocks is Free Software which is released under the BSD license.

New features:

  • Generic Methods (at last!)
  • Support arrays of value types as out parameters
  • Support non-CLS Compliant value types such as UInt64
  • Better error messages when using generic delegate methods on generic types
  • Generally faster
  • Using Dynamic Proxy 2 - better performance, better code-base, full support for wierd generic scenarios.
  • Text.* constraints can now be used to evaluate non strings as well, by calling the ToString() method. Useful for things such as the Criteria API in NHibernate.

Download binaries and code

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

S3 Change Explorer


Solidcore S3 Change Explorer is a change tracking and data analytics tool for your desktop. It keeps track of all changes on your system, and provides detailed analysis of those changes, including who made them, when, and how.






[Via Larkware News]

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A collection of Microsoft.NET class libraries that implement web content syndication specifications

Argotic is a collection of Microsoft.NET class libraries that implement common web content syndication specifications such as RSS 2.0 and ATOM 1.0. With the Argotic components, consuming syndication feeds or generating your own custom feeds has never been easier. Argotic has been designed to provide developers with a flexible provider model for storing and retrieving syndication feed information to and from the back-end database of their choice. Argotic also provides an extensible framework that allows developers to easily handle the large number of extensions in use by today's syndication specifications.

Features Overview

  • Complete implementation of the RSS 2.0 specification.
  • Complete implementation of the ATOM 1.0 specification.
  • Implements a provider model for storing/retrieving syndication information to your back-end database of choice.
  • Provides an extensible framework for processing any syndication specification extension.
  • Natively handles the RCF822 and W3C DateTime structures.
  • Support for auto-discovery of syndication feeds for a given web site.
  • Supports consumption of secure/authenticated syndication feeds.
  • Implementations of the most common syndication specification extensions.


Download Argotic