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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Application Updater by Wilco Bauwer

This new application updater is a new application updater component which is customizable and supports both WebDAV and BITS . BITS allows you to let the application download updates in the background, which means users would practically not notice anything, since BITS will use unused bandwidth.

Add a reference to and implement the IAgent interface. Your IAgent implementation will be used for getting available updates and such.
When you've done that, you write your own download implementation in case you don't want to use WebDAV or BITS to download updates.
The next thing you got to do is initialize a new Updater, add eventhandlers, and that's basically all you got to do.
If you want to check for updates, you call the Refresh method on the Updater instance, when you've detected an update you call the Download method, and when you're done with updating and want to restart the application, you use the ApplyUpdate method.


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