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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Most Intelligent Integrated Team Environment - TeamCity

JetBrains has released their integrated team environment.

TeamCity provides intelligent, automated running and monitoring of build processes, and facilitates integration of changes for developers working on both .Net and Java platforms.


Top features include:

  • Continuous Integration Support - remotely integrate and test code changes many times a day utilizing NUnit (.NET) or JUnit (Java) testing frameworks. 
  •  Effective Build Management allows running builds using such popular build tools as NAnt, MSBuild, Ant, and Maven, and immediately provides information about build results via the web interface or a special Windows Tray Notifier add-in. When a build fails, any developer can take responsibility for fixing it and quickly notify other team members that the problem is being handled.
  • Innovative "Build Grid" which can utilize multiple computing
    resources anywhere on your network so developers' computers don't get bogged down. Each computer in the build grid can define its own environmental parameters and TeamCity intelligently distributes testing and builds among appropriate machines as resources are available.
  • Web-based Administration - developers and their managers can easily get build and test reports, see the current build status, and configure all the necessary build settings using the rich web interface. Build history and all built artifacts are also accessible.

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