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Thursday, May 31, 2007

A new beta of JetBrains refactoring tool is available for download

Now providing unparalleled support for C#, Visual Basic .NET, XML, XAML, and ASP.NET, including comprehensive cross-language functionality.

New Features

  • Unit Test Explorer
  • Go To Symbol
  • To-do List
  • XML and XAML Support
    • Various quick-fixes and context actions in XML
    • Code completion in XML
  • Code Analysis for C# Code


ReSharper 3.0 Beta is only a pre-release build of ReSharper 3.0. The final version 3.0 release is scheduled for the end of June, 2007. If you purchase ReSharper for VS .NET 2003 or ReSharper for VS 2005 now, you will qualify for free upgrade to version 3.0 when it becomes available.

Download Full Edition

Download C# Edition

Download Visual Basic Edition 

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