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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

SketchPath-XPath development and XML analysis tool

SketchPath is an XPath development and XML analysis tool. It provides an integrated graphical environment for viewing XML files , developing XPath expressions against them and managing the expressions in file libraries.

File libraries of XPath expressions can be saved and loaded as .NET DataTable XML serialized objects. SketchPath supports XML Packages as used by Open XML and ODF.

This .NET tool was originally designed to assist XSLT developers at all levels, but should equally suit any developers or analysts who currently work with XPath 1.0 or who would benefit from using it to exploit XML.



  1. Easy to install: A single  350KB .EXE file (Needs .NET 2.0 Also)
  2. XPath Location Step-Tracer - Predicate tracing
  3. Auto-Generate XPath Locations by selecting from
  4. XPath Result list
  5. Regular Expression Result list
  6. Element Tree View
  7. Element Nodes List
  8. XML Text Editor
  9. XPath Variables List
  10. XPath Step Tracer
  11. Save XPath expressions for re-use as variables
  12. Import XPath Expressions from an XML source (eg. XSLT)
  13. Manage Xpath variables lists in groups
  14. Save and load XPath variable groups in library files
  15. ‘As-You-Type’ bookmarking of nodeset results in Element Tree View
  16. Manage Xpath environment
  17. Manage Namespaces
  18. Set the Context Node
  19. Select the group of XPath variables required
  20. Auto-Complete ('Intellisense') uses 'Look-Ahead' to list available location and value nodes when typing
  21. An XPath 'Assist Pane' provides quick access to all XPath Nodes/Axes and Functions
  22. Syntax checking and colorizing of XPath expressions
  23. Uses .NET System.XML.XPath namespace to evaluate expressions
  24. All XML panes synchronized, viewable panes & behavior controlled by modes
  25. Use Regular Expressions (Regex) to resolve XPath locations
  26. Simple User-Interface with just 3 main toolbars with minimal icon-clutter
  27. Package Inspection feature for ZIP compressed XML file structures, support includes:
    1. Word 2007 docx format
    2. Excel 2007 xlsx format
    3. Powerpoint 2007 pptx format
    4. XML Paper Specification xps format
    5. OASIS Open Document Format (ODF)
  28. Fast XPath location generation usin an optimized 'Element Index' (updated as you type)
  29. Free-flow XML Source Editor Pane with well-formedness checking


Download SketchPath

Watch Flash Demo of SketchPath

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