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Friday, May 26, 2006

Live Gadget SDK version 0.5 (Beta)

The Windows Live Gadget SDK provides everything you need to get started with developing Gadgets that run on
The Windows Live Gadget SDK consists of the following:
  • Windows Live Gadget Developer's Guide If this is the first time you are developing a Live Gadget, we recommend that you start here.
  • API Reference Documentation on the complete the Windows Live Gadget API that you can program to.
  • Gadget Design Guide Guidelines to help you with building a beautiful Gadget that will follows our guidelines.
  • Windows Live Gadget Project Template A project template that you can install into Visual Studio 2005 or Visual Web Developer Express 2005 to make Live Gadget development much easier!
  • Additional Samples Extra samples to show you how to write code to accomplish certain tasks.
  • Developer FAQ Answers your most frequently asked questions.
  • Development Resources Other resources to help you be successful with building that awesome Gadget! Includes Community resources, references and tutorials on JavaScript & DOM, HTML & CSS, and much more!

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