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Tuesday, May 30, 2006


{smartassembly} is an innovative all-in-one improvement and protection tool.


  1. Merges your Application dependencies with your main Assembly.
  2. Automatically Detects and Removes the non-useful code and metadata.
  3. {smartassembly} is a smart Obfuscator, which automatically detects which code can or can't be obfuscated. {smartassembly} also encodes the strings in order to improve protection.
  4. The combination of the previous features leads to an improvement of your Application's performances.
  5. Automatically adds missing exceptions handling, and Reports these exceptions with detailed snapshot information to the developer.
  6. One-stop Improvement and Protection tool in one single post-compilation process.

{smartassembly} is available in 3 editions:

The Standard edition is perfect for a small and simple project.
The Professional edition, thanks to its advanced debugging capabilities, enables to improve and protect larger and more complexes projects.
The Enterprise edition, thanks to its customization capabilities, enables to improve and protect your enterprise projects.

Download {smartassembly}

[Via Larkware News]

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